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There is an enormous plague deeply amerced in our society today. Custody evaluators, social workers family therapists and judges are failing to recognize this highly dysfunctional behavior. Children and their loving parents suffer permanent damage from what experts are referring to as "a serious form of Child abuse". Coming soon is the first documentary in a series that is dedicated to ending this merciless form of cruelty that is critically damaging families, parents and their children alike. The abuse has been labelled "Parental Alienation". If you are not familiar with the term now is the time to learn it.  Currently in the United States alone over 21 million parents as well as their children are brutally suffering from this terrible crime while the perpetrators are not only encourage to commit these heinous acts but empowered to do so by a corrupt system know as family law.



For decades now experts have been struggling to end this pestilence. But the facts show abusers and their accomplices blatantly lie and cheat in a system of " Justice" that empowers this genuinely caustic and destructive behavior. This factual documentary will shock you as you are presented with evidence substantiating a level of incompetence in our family courts that must change here and now. There are more than 21 million parents currently suffering in the US alone due to Parental Alienation, with likely 10 times that number around the rest of the world as well as the children and their extended family's reaching numbers in the hundreds of millions affected across the globe by Parental Alienation... If you are not yet familiar with this world wide epidemic, soon you will be.